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Standard deer processing includes the cutting,wrapping, freezing of  steaks, chops and roasts.


Ask to have your trim processed into our famous sausage or ground and wrapped as you like.

Wild Game Sausage:
> Summer Sausage
> Polish Sausage
> Smoked Country Sausage
> Mild Snack Sticks
> Spicy Snack Sticks

Ground Wild Game Burger:
> With added Beef
> With added Pork


Wild Game Special Orders:
> Smoked Bratwurst
> Ring Bologna
> Bulk Italian Sausage

We also custom smoke game birds including pheasant, duck and goose.

Wild Game Processing

Wild Game Requirements
We are unable to take any animal that is being tested for Chronic Wasting Disease (CWD) and will only accept animals that test negative.

All wild game must be boneless and must be fresh or fresh frozen, trimmed and clean.

The meat must be transported in clear food grade bags or clean food grade containers.

We reserve the right to refuse any meat that does not smell fresh or is not cleaned properly.

The hunter’s license and registration tag must be provided at time of order.

A deposit is required for wild game brought in  Deposits are non-refundable.

Other Information
Processing times are determined by the date received and also by product batching.

We will call you as soon as your full order is complete.

Please pick up your order within 1 week of notification.

We Accept 

Deer Trimmings Only!

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